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Weekly Ticket installs artist David Wells at Footscray Station every week for fifteen years. David begins the project aged 55 and complete it at 70, the new “retirement” age. 

As the artist adapts to his environment and his environment to him, extraordinary collaborations will emerge. Sometimes he will be alone. Sometimes he will be a crowd. He will be disguised in plain sight. The typical will become surreal and the extraordinary a regular occurrence, as commuters, locals and visitors become part of a living and evolving public artwork.

Over 15 years, many local, national and international artists will become part of the expanded performative conversation.

Weekly Ticket begins February 3, 2016 and completes on February 2, 2031.

The Artist at the Station David Wells
Concept and Curation Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
Performance Direction Merophie Carr
Documentation Merophie Carr
Production and Community Liaison Bec Reid
Still Image Gregory Lorenzutti
Videographer Cobie Orger
Project Identity Letterbox
Auspicing Partner Auspicious Arts

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